Go me, it’s my birthday!!!!

You can’t start your birthday out right without a little Uncle Luke!

I was all prepared to write a reflective birthday post. This year has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. More ups, and I’m grateful for that. There are some people that were with me last year that aren’t here now. I thank God for our journey together as it impacted me in some way. Big or small…Other than that, I’m in a happy place. Here’s to a new year filled with fun, laughs, blessings, good food, good times, and good friends.


And here’s what my horoscope for the year says:


TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (April 12). You’ll have all the necessary ingredients for a balanced and happy life. The next six weeks bring you in touch with your natural gifts. You will be an agent of healing in several instances. Financial luck comes in May. You will adjust to accommodate an addition to your family in July. There’s a magical tie between you, Capricorn and Aquarius. Your lucky numbers are: 9, 20, 4, 39 and 17.


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I’m doing what God said…

This song is SO powerful. I can’t even articulate it. Just listen:

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Brunching in Silverlake


Excuse me while I do my little “yum, yum” happy dance! I’m still thinking how this doughnut from Cafe Stella in Silverlake gave me life on Saturday.


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Silky, Silky Soul Singer

Yesterday was the birthday of Marvin Gaye. The day before that was the anniversary of his death.

I still remember being in my parent’s station wagon when they announced his death. My mother was stunned. My parents talked about it for days. If you lived in LA at the time, which I did, you probably made a trek past the house at some point in the weeks following. His death broke a lot of hearts. At the time, I think I was 8 years old, I only knew a little bit about Marvin. I recognized his voice from the many, many tapes my Dad made for our road trips, but I remembered him most for the jazzy version of the star-spangled banner that he did at an NBA All-Star Game in ’83.

I mean, can you really forget this: 

Our LA R&B radio station, KJLH would play this every evening before they signed off in the ’90s. (Wow, radio stations actually signed off? I am dating myself with this…)

It was years later that I came into my own appreciation for the breadth of his work, and now I truly testify to why losing him left us with a void.

Happy Birthday, Marvin. Like Diana said “I’m missing you…” 

Other favorite Marvin hits:

“After The Dance” from “I Want You”

“Just To Keep You Satisfied” from “Let’s Get It On”

“Trouble Man” from “Trouble Man – Soundtrack”

“Come Get To This” from “Let’s Get It On”

“If I Should Die Tonight” from “Let’s Get it On”

“I Want You” from “I Want You”

“Come Live With Me My Angel” from “I Want You”

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Whole style is chump!

Another one of my 70s movies… The Education of Sonny Carson.

There are some classic lines in this scene. The swagger of these young men was something else. Interesting that they used real NY gang members for this film.

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“I almost gave up, but a power that I can’t explain,
fell from heaven like a shower…”

I won’t lie…these last few days, weeks actually, have been hard. So much has been thrown at me at one time, some of which I haven’t shared with anyone. I won’t do it publicly here either. Just suffice it to say that I have had a fair share of blue days, all of which culminated in the worst storm I’ve ever experienced on Sunday. Not even ready to go there about that experience either. What I do want to share is a song that has been playing in the background of my mind.



Not usually a big Kirk Franklin fan, but this song is especially meaningful because it reminds me of my power. Even when things look bad and uncontrollable, we still have the power to smile through that adversity.






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Valentine’s Day Mix

Just testing out my mixing skills in Garage Band…



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